The independent Escorts of Glasgow

About independent escorts

Glasgow is a throbbing metropolis. If you plan to travel there for business or personal matters, having an independent escort is worth considering. The advantage with independent escorts is that they offer their services either in their own apartments or at a place of your choice. Additionally, you get discretion. You do not have to deal with third parties.
In Glasgow, you can pick from a wide variety of Glasgow independent escorts. Most are mid-aged attractive looking women. They love what they do. They have experiences dealing with mature men like you. This experience places them in a unique position to keep you engaged. Be it romance or just accompaniment they will not disappoint.


Price is tailored to your needs. If you are looking to have a good time, this will depend on the duration it will take. If what you want is a date that is not restricted to a specific time, you will have to pay significantly more.

Glasgow Escort services for one and two hours will cost around 200 and 300 Euros respectively. For out call services you will have to cater for the extra cost of hailing a cab. If you want the sessions to be a little bit longer, you can get an overnight session for 500 Euros. The services you will for this price are not in any way fixed. You get to decide what to do. Be it a date or a love making session, the escorts are fine with it.

Are you on a business trip for two days in or around Glasgow? Get an independent escort for the entire period. It will only cost you 100 dollars for two days. The only additional cost is transport cost outside Glasgow’s central business district. This package includes travel guidance. Most of the independent escorts are natives and will help you interact with other natives. Like all other packages, you get to decide what you want from the escorts.


What you will get

I have been privileged enough to be served by several independent escorts. They all look amazing. You will want to be seen with them, it just boosts your self-image. The thing that amazed me the most about my escort was his ability to switch easily between two characters easily. She was calm and composed as we spoke over coffee. At the bedroom, she transformed and I had the best time of my life. I was also a very demanding customer and despite all this, my demands were met to a level exceeding my expectation.

The memories I have of my stay in Glasgow are sweet. You definitely have to try out these independent escorts anytime you are there. Trust me you will be travelling there over and over.



Glasgow is the largest city of Scotland and it’s marked as third largest in the whole United Kingdom. If you are a man who wants to get sensual massage by a beautiful lady in Scotland then you really need to go to Glasgow. There is a lady called Cate. If you want to meet her, you may go to her apartment in Glasgow city centre or call her to your destination. Now let’s first know about Cate a little bit:
CATE – Cate has been a Glasgow escort for a few years. She is a 36 years old woman who has a very seductive body. She likes to know men and go out with her clients on such intimate dates. Her clients often leave a wonderful review about her that the men reading it would must want to go out with her. You are allowed to smoke and drink when you are with her and she will come to you herself if you don’t want to go out in the city.


This was a short introduction of Cate but you need to know about how much you are going to be charged by her if you are planning to go out with her.
PRICES – It obviously depends on time that how much you have to pay her. If you want to meet for only one hour, then the amount is no more than 200 pounds. If it’s 2 hours then the price is 300 pounds which means that you are not charged with a rate of 200 pounds/ hour so don’t worry. For a whole night, it’s 500 pounds and for a two day date, you will be charged a thousand pounds. You will get full escort service. You can prefer either visiting her or calling her at your place or hotel for a 1 hour, 2 hours or an overnight date and outcalls are usually preferred for 2 day dates. No credit cards are allowed. Only cash and if you want to call her out of Glasgow, then travel expenses are also added.
BOOKING – For booking, just give your name, location, e-mail, duration and you are also required to write a message to define your requirements. If you want to have longer dates than even 2 days, a special price will be offered to you depending on the location and the duration. You can also call to contact and discuss about your date. To know if she is available or not. If you call her out of Glasgow, the travel fee will be discussed before the meeting.

The things discussed above may make you feel like there is only one escort Cate. But that is not true. Cate is just the best escort at Escort Agency Glasgow. There are other pretty girls also that you can book. Cate offers a very professional massage in Glasgow that other girls may not provide. Overall the Escort Agency is pretty good and you can give them a call at any time or send them an e-mail. So have a good time if you are calling them.